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Weekend Recap

Hi, friends! I thought I would add a new series to the blog- recapping my weekends. Aside from sharing some straight from the iPhone snaps, it’s a chance to peek into my life, unedited and authentic.

Last weekend was a much needed 3 day weekend, with the addition of having Monday off for MLK Day. Friday evening, I went out with my girlfriend, Jamie to our favorite local bar. It was nice to have a few drinks and catch up. Then it was home to bed with an episode of The Sopranos on Amazon Prime. Chris and I started watching it after my boss was telling me how great of a show it is. We are now on season 2 and can’t go to bed without watching at least one episode per night!

On Saturday, I cleaned a bit, ran to Target for some essentials and then got ready for a special date night. Chris and I had our first date on January 19th, 2013 at Julie’s Waterfront, which is now known as just Waterfront, and is under new ownership. Since I’m not really a fan of the new Waterfront, we decided to celebrate at a new spot, 45 minutes away- The Table Deland. What really makes this restaurant special is that it’s where we are also getting married in December this year!

We started with the meatballs as an appetizer, and then we enjoyed one of their signature burgers and sandwiches, followed by mini desserts. Everything was so GOOD. I knew I wanted to try out the venue’s food before officially signing the contract, and I’m so glad we did. The location, food, atmosphere, people- everything is perfect about The Table. We are actually getting married in their “basement” area, which has a cute little outside area for cocktail hour.

After dinner, we walked around downtown Deland and stopped into one of the nearby hotels to ask about room blocks. There are several little bars, hair salons and cafes within a few block radius which will make it easy to get ready before the wedding and to party after the wedding. The entire area is just so cute. I’m so excited to get married in Deland!

On Sunday, Chris and I went grocery shopping and watched the NFL Playoffs. Those games were intense! In between games, I napped and lounged around the house. Sunday is usually our veg out day.

Chris had to work half a day Monday, but we met up in the afternoon at Lake Eola to walk the dogs. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to get out and be active. We followed up our walk with a late afternoon pizza date at Midici. They have my favorite pizza in all of central Florida. It’s Neapolitan style, made in really quickly. So good!

Now it’s back to another work week grind. I’m trying to get organized for the month of February for Valentine’s Day posts, so stay tuned!

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