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Happy 2 Year Blogiversary!

Authentically Candace turns 2 today, and I am so excited to celebrate my blogiversary! Of course, I’ve been blogging much, much longer than 2 years, starting out with a Xanga blog (remember Xanga?), and then eventually graduating to my own domain (Dessert Geek), and now, Authentically Candace.

In the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned sooooo much and am looking forward to continuing to grow my blog and brand:

  1. The blogosphere is small. Really small. Everyone seems to be connected in some way, and that is a great way to network, grow and learn. I’ve made some great connections through attending different conferences and working with various brands throughout the years. I have a very small tribe that I enjoy connecting with on Facebook and in real life. They’re all inspiring in some form and my heart is so happy to have found them.
  2. Blogging is hard work and takes an insane amount of motivation. Creating recipe posts are the hardest of all- making the recipe, setting up everything and making sure nothing melts or looks funky by the time you get to photographing it, cleaning up the mess from creating said recipe, blogging it and then doing all of the social sharing. It takes a lot of work but is so rewarding in the end when you get to engage with your readers and receive feedback.
  3. It takes time. Time to create and grow your blog and brand. Yes, I’ve abandoned my blog a few times out of frustration, no motivation and personal reasons. But I have always come back because it makes me happy. I just need to trust the process and time it takes to grow.

So what’s in store for the blog in the next year?

I’m hoping to cross some things off of my Bucket List, and of course blog about my accomplishments. I also want to be more consistent in blogging. I want to get a blog post up at least once a week for starters, and let the momentum grow from there. My content has been mostly recipes and food related, but I plan on branching out more into travel and lifestyle and possibly some wedding updates (I get married next December!). I get to work with an awesome brand next month in Honduras, while I am on my Carnival cruise, so I am very excited about my first sponsored travel post. I also have two other domains I’ve purchased, along with snagging their respective social media names. I’ve created the logo for one of them already and plan on launching at least one of them in January. I won’t be leaving Authentically Candace behind because those are extremely niche, but they are some of my favorite things. Can’t wait to share!

What would you like to see on Authentically Candace?

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