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Staying inspired after a blogging conference #FWCon

A few weekends ago, I attended the Food Wine Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort and Spa and to sum it all up in one word…inspiring! From seeing old friends and meeting new ones, enjoying way too much delicious food and drink and learning a ton at the sessions and workshops, it was truly a weekend to remember (as it always is at Food Wine Conference). I mean, check out the gorgeous photos! This conference is beautifully executed every single year by Isabel and her team.

I’m usually on a blogging high for several weeks after the conference, churning out some of my best content on my blog and social media pages. But after that cloud 9 feeling wears off,  some of that inspiration I’ve been feeling goes away. To keep up the momentum, I’ve gathered some of my favorite takeaways and photos from the weekend plus tips for how you can stay inspired after a blogging conference.

  1. This tip isn’t for after the conference, but rather while you are attending it. Each session is jam packed with information and it could be hard to remember everything. While you are there, jot down in a notebook or in your phone any bits of inspiration that pop into your head while at the sessions. It could be a quote from one of the speakers or a tip that you learned. When you’re feeling less than inspired to write or create recipes, pull out this inspiration list to remind you why you are a blogger, social media rockstar, foodie, whatever it is you may be. I carry a small notebook with me almost everywhere in case inspiration strikes. It has certainly come in handy when I’m having writer’s block.
  2. From the “Breakfast Queen” herself and keynote speaker, Ina Pinkney inspired me to be more courageous and take more chances because it takes more energy to be afraid. Isn’t that the truth! Not everyone is going to love or react positively to every single blog post you publish. That’s okay. Stay determined and courageous and keep pushing forward!
  3. During Sunday’s #InstaFood workshop, Certified Angus Beef provided us with some great tips on how to style your food. Check out the photos below of the sheets and put some of the tips to use! And in the same session, Julius of Droolius showed us how to take better photos on our phone and made sure we knew that “We’re content creators, we want to take our own shots.” #truth
  4. While listening to food stylist Denise Vivaldo, I learned to organize, prioritize and love what I do. To incorporate this into your own life, make sure take a little bit of time daily to work on what makes you happiest. One of those things for me is cooking or baking. Besides being a great stress reliever, it makes me happy when I whip up something yummy. Make happiness a priority.
  5. If you made new contacts with brands or other bloggers, reach out to them soon after the conference letting them know you enjoyed chatting with them during sessions. If you exchanged business cards and theirs had an address, send them a hand written note or fun card.
  6. Always remember that the camera eats first. Take all of the photos of your food and let your dining mates take theirs as well before any of you dig in.

I hope some of these tips inspire you to keep reaching your goals and setting new ones. You can keep up with details on the next Food Wine Conference on Facebook.

I’m already looking forward to year 6 of the Food Wine Conference!

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