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5 awesome reasons to attend Food Wine Conference this month #FWCon

Hey ya’ll! I’m so excited to be a Brand Ambassador again (third year in a row), for my favorite event of the year- the Food Wine Conference! I eagerly await this event as soon as January 1st rolls around, and I’ll give you 5 awesome reasons why!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about the conference. It started 5 years ago by the brilliant Isabel of Family Foodie who wanted to inspire, empower and make a difference around the “Family” table. Food Wine Conference was created to bring together foodies, bloggers, brands, small business owners, chefs and winemakers to inspire each other and grow their brands and businesses. It’s 2 and a half days full of workshops, hands-on interactions and of course lots of food and wine, hence the name, Food Wine Conference!

Now here are 5 reasons why you should attend the conference this year!

  1. Food! As a self-proclaimed foodie, this is obviously my number one reason to attend Food Wine Conference (food will always be my number one reason for anything in life. #noshame) If you check out the schedule, you’ll see plenty of food related events sprinkled in with the workshops. I’m most looking forward to the always delicious dinner on Saturday night sponsored by Certified Angus Beef. It always has a fun theme! This year it’s a ’50’s sock hop!
  2. Sessions and workshops. There is always a diverse selection of sessions to attend and I always end up learning so much from each one. The sessions are created so that each attendee can get a taste of how to grow their brand in the best way possible. Pro tip #1: Be sure to bring your laptop or pen and paper to take notes!
  3. Friends, old and new. The first year I attended Food Wine Conference, I didn’t know anyone. I was extremely shy and didn’t put myself out there very much. I was more of an observer that year. After my first conference, I reached out to some bloggers (quick shoutout to Erica, Lara, Marion, Cricket, T.R., Nikki…thank you for being my blogger friend, can’t wait to see ya’ll soon!) and got to know them better. Last year, I was more hands-on with the workshops and the conference in general since I knew people. Pro-tip #2: Everyone is very friendly, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! We were all new at one point.
  4. Inspiration. I’m always so inspired after leaving the Food Wine Conference and usually can’t wait to put my newly learned food photography or blogging tips to use. With so many creative minds in one room, it’s hard not to be inspired by them.
  5. The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. I’ve stayed at this resort several times and it is absolutely beautiful. Why hold a conference at a stuffy convention center when it can be here? The amenities are awesome, the beds are super comfy and the food is delish!

Have I convinced you to attend Food Wine Conference yet this year? How about a special discount code on your ticket? Just enter CandaceD2017 to receive $50 off your ticket price!

I hope to see you there May 19th!

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