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Midici the Neopolitan Pizza Company

Midici prisoner pizza

On Saturday afternoon, I had the opportunity to check out Midici the Neopolitan Pizza Company in Kissimmee for their Grand Opening Celebration.

Midici’s mission is to bring friends together through pizza. And who doesn’t like pizza, right?! Their pizza is the classic Neopolitan style, created with only a few ingredients and flour imported directly from Italy. Their pizzas are wood-fired in beautiful gold ovens imported from Italy.

We walked through the doors and were instantly greeted by a cheerful hostess. I liked this place already! She let us know how we order our food and we grabbed a few menus to peruse before heading to the register.

Ambience: Though Midici may look similar to how you would order at Chipotle, it is anything but that. Once you place your order, you are given a number and your food is brought out to you.

The decor in the restaurant has a sort of clean, elegant vibe with a mix of dark wood high tops, low tables and booths to enjoy your food. There is a small outdoor seating area as well, which is where we enjoyed our meal. In the corner of the restaurant is a small coffee/condiment bar where you can pick fresh, organic sweet basil directly off the plant to add to your pizza or add a variety of syrups to your cappuccino or latte.

Midici encourages patrons to put away their phones and have actual conversations with each other- a concept I absolutely LOVE and try to incorporate into my own life (which is hard when you’re a food blogger).

Eats: We started with the House Meat and Cheese Plate. It included black truffle cheese, goat cheese, black truffle salami, prosciutto de San Daniele, Italian salami, gourmet pickles, pears, nuts, organic honey and wood-fire toasted ciabatta bread. My favorite combination was smearing goat cheese and honey on the ciabatta bread. It was so good! We also picked out two Neopolitan pizzas. My boyfriend decided on the Devil’s Pizza, a very spicy pizza with fresh mozzarella, spicy sausage and Italian salami, chilis and organic sweet basil. I went with the Prisoner’s Pizza, a pie that included bits of ricotta hidden in the pizza crust, organic sweet basil, and fresh mozzarella. The little bites of ricotta in the crust was a tasty surprise.

We ended our meal with a bowl of fresh berries (since we are on a low sugar diet right now) and a latte.

The tasty: Everything at Midici is non- GMO and the freshest ingredients are always used. When ordering a Neopolitan pizza, make sure that each person in your party gets a pizza each. It’s fun to share and one pizza is enough to feed one person.

The not so tasty: As this was my first time visiting Midici, I had nothing but a pleasant dining experience. The boyfriend and I are already planning on bringing his parents here since we had nothing but positive things to say about the restaurant.

Cost: Appetizers range from $6.00 to $16.00 and Neopolitan pizzas start at $8.50 and go up to $12.

I really enjoyed dining at Midici and am looking forward to going back. It is the perfect place for a date night, girls night out or to enjoy a casual-elegant lunch with family.

Midici currently has one Central Florida location near The Loop at 720 Centerview Blvd. They have plans to open up several more restaurants around Orlando.

Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

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