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Eat Ice-cream for Breakfast Day

Last Saturday, I woke up bright and early because I was way too excited for Eat Ice-cream for Breakfast Day. This day is about childhood cancer awareness, and in honor of the day, everyone is supposed to have ice-cream for breakfast.

The creators of this unofficial holiday wanted this special day to be fun. Many children with cancer spend a lot of time in hospitals and don’t often get to enjoy simple pleasures such as ice-cream. What a great way to bring a little bit of happiness into a childhood cancer patient’s life!

I celebrated the day by heading over to Kelly’s Homemade Ice-cream in the Audubon Park area of Orlando. To celebrate Eat Ice-cream for Breakfast Day, there were a few specials that were available from 9-11am. I went with the waffle sundae which was a fresh baked waffle topped with my choice of ice-cream, whipped cream and a cherry. I chose the cake batter with sprinkles flavor because sprinkles make everything better!

As someone currently living with cancer, I will take any reason to take my mind off of it and something as simple as eating ice-cream for breakfast was the perfect reason!


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