Authentically Candace

I am a #NastyWoman


I’ve kept fairly quiet across social media throughout the entire 2016 election. I am not one to get into any political or religious arguments and cause riffs between family members or friends, but I cannot keep my stance quiet any longer. To be honest, I am saddened by this country’s choice to elect a whiny, man-childĀ as disrespectful as Donald Trump. But one good thing did come out his big mouth…#NastyWoman.

In light of this negative election, I am choosing to take Mr. Trump’s #NastyWoman comment and use it as a source of empowerment.

I am a #NastyWoman because:

  1. I am pro-choice. Always have been. I believe each woman should have the opportunity to make her own choice when it comes to her uterus. After all, she is the one who will have to live with whatever decision she makes.
  2. I am extremely opinionated. Some that know me well understand that I quite often keep my opinion to myself in order to “keep the peace”. But sometimes my opinion shines bright like a diamond even if it isn’t the same opinion as those around me.
  3. I stand up for my beliefs…and I don’t back down.
  4. I get ish done. Just like Hillary Clinton, it’s goal, set, match with me.
  5. I believe in equality. Straight, gay, black, white, etc…I have friends of all colors and backgrounds. I love them equally and would never discriminate against them because of those things.

I raise a glass to every Nasty Woman around the world. Nasty is definitely the new black. Don’t be afraid to rock it, and always fight for what you believe in.

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